Terms and Conditions


Ordering a product at Berqat Herbs Food Company is very simple. You can order each product ONLINE, by FAX or PHONE.

Buy Online :

  • Browse through www.berqat.com
  • Add items - In the product description page, select the size and quantity and press "Add to Cart". The item will be added to your shopping cart automatically.
  • View the shopping cart - In the shopping cart symbol in the upper right corner of the website, you can view the items you have purchased. To change the selected item or checkout, press "To Cart" again.
  • Change quantity or delete goods - You can change the purchase quantity by the number "+" and "-" on both sides, the system will immediately update the correct price. To cancel the selected item, click on "Remove item" below the item.
  • Checkout and payment methods: 
    •  If you choose to pay by bank transfer or credit, please click "Bank Transfer" to continue the ordering process. 
    • If you choose to pay by PayPal or credit card, please press “PayPal” to continue the ordering process.
  • Complete ordering - Enter contact information, shipping address, payment information, etc. and follow the system instructions and complete the order. When your ordering process is completed, the system will give you an order number. Please note this number in order to check the order progress.

Order by EMAIL

  • EMAIL to: shop@berqat.com

 Order by Phone 

  • Telephone inquiry hotline: +852 6360 2206 (WhatsApp)
  • Telephone inquiry time: Monday to Friday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

  Confirm Order

  • Whether you order online, Email or phone, you will be contacted on the same day (except Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday) to confirm the order after receiving the order form. 
  • All orders received after 4:00pm in the afternoon will be processed on the next business  working day (Monday to Friday, excludes weekends and public holidays).
  • When your order is confirmed, we will arrange delivery for you immediately. 
  • If in the case of some items are out of stock, or delayed on shipment etc., you will be notify  prior to order confirmation or status of delivery.
  • If in the case we are unable to contact you and the order cannot be confirmed, your order will be treated as canceled.

Payment methods

  • PayPal payment (need to open PayPal account)
  • Credit Card Payment (No need to open PayPal account)
  • Bank Transfer/Accounting: The customer can transfer/debit to the following account, please keep the document (incoming paper) to follow up the order.

   Account Name: BERQAT CO. LIMITED

   Bank: DBS Bank

   Account number: 016 478 000953-429

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